A Cat’s Life

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Hi my name is Timmy. Some of you will have met me, some of you may even have looked after me while my humans went away from the house for a while – they always come back though because they love me.



The lady owner took me from a house that couldn’t look after me, not long after I was born, and I like living with her and Mr Human because they look after me when I am scared by the fireworks…or just my shadow following me sometimes.


Timid Timmy, that’s me, my humans keep me safe. It’s been a confusing time though recently. The humans have been hiding all of our things in boxes and piling them up in corners of rooms. I was pleased to see they had left my bed where I could find it and that my food and water was still kept in the same place. They tried to hide a big box of my food under the sink once, but I found it with my sensitive nose and helped myself in the night – I can open cupboards you know.


I didn’t like it when Mrs Human put me in the box with a see-through front. I made a lot of noise so she would let me out to play in the garden but she was pretending she couldn’t hear me. She poked her fingers in the front of the box to touch my head, I like the smell of her hands so I licked them and she let me. She was making noises as well, like ‘good boy’ noises, like when I don’t climb on the table when they have yummy smelling food that I want. If I wait on the floor they will give me some.


The new place is getting more like the old home. The humans are taking the things out of the boxes and I keep smelling familiar smells, some that I like and some that make my nose screw up. I like to stay close to the humans but they are not staying still very much. I follow them into one room and they fuss me and make nice noises at me but then they go into another room, usually carrying something. I like to hide in the bed when they are too noisy.


I like being upstairs best because it is quieter and I can find somewhere cosy to sleep. Mr Human doesn’t like me to be in their sleeping place because it makes his face explode and he has to have lots of soft paper to rub on his nose. Mrs Human let me in their sleeping place this week because I cried when they went upstairs without me, I don’t make her face explode but I think I wake her up because she moves around a lot. I like to sleep really close to her head fur, it smells nice.


When the humans go out of the house and away inside the loud moving box outside the window, I like to explore the house and make sure that we are all safe here. I am not allowed to follow them to the outside, but I am not too bothered because I haven’t finished going into all the secret places inside yet. I don’t mind when they leave me downstairs now, I have a good sleeping place and can find my food, drink and toilet more easily. 


I have been sleeping on my own a lot today, the outside has been bright and the downstairs is warm. Mrs Human has been outside and inside and outside and inside, the things from her sleeping place are floating in the sky because she put them there when she took them out of the noisy machine. Mr Human was upstairs taking more things out of boxes. I don’t know why they put them all in there, if they hadn’t then they would have more time to sleep in a sunny spot, like me.


I think the outside looks nice. I would like to go out there soon and explore with my humans. I really am quite the outdoor cat usually but right now, if I can snuggle up on a warm lap, then I am a very happy cat indeed.



Until next week,

find a cosy spot 

and relax

T x

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