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It has been four years since Mr Bee made the brave decision to leave his full-time job in Adult Social Care and Health to become a full-time woodworker and it’s not been without its trails. Planning to continue building up his furniture making business, using traditional joinery methods, he had to abandon his big machinery shortly after
developing a frozen shoulder.


Not thwarted by this painful restriction, he taught himself how to use a wood-turning lathe and downsized his projects. It was during this time that he began artistically recycling broken skateboards, consequently this is what he has become best known for. As seen in this blog post his first workshop was rather cosy and quite possibly more suitable for his new range of pocket-sized products. And they were very much well received by customers to local craft events.


The Splinter Cell’s lifelong passion has been skateboarding, so being able to combine his love of skating with his talent for making things has worked really well for him. A true innovator, he has worked those boards into many desirable objects, including this truck that you can actually skate! Nottingham skaters have been more than generous in donating their old boards, but then that just reflects the culture that surrounds skateboarding. His triumph though was the beer caddy made entirely from one board, with no nails or screws holding it together.

More recently, getting involved with skateboard collectors groups online led him to design the ‘circle jerk.’ Named after an 80s skateboard punk band the ‘Circle Jerk is a unique two part hanging system for skateboard decks. It allows you to mount a skateboard on the wall using two secure pins that slot neatly into the holes in the board where the trucks that hold the wheels are attached. Collectors love them, there has been interest from skate shops and there are currently a set on hire to a gallery in Norway. 


We are both currently involved in a large community project that will be unveiled in a couple of weeks. I can’t say much more at this stage but you can bet your life the extra space in the new workshop has been a huge bonus. The Splinter Cell is renowned for his creative problem solving abilities and he was brought on board for this very reason. Working with a variety of materials has been a new challenge but he has risen to it well. There is still some work to do but we are both pretty excited about seeing the project come to fruition. 


In the meantime, you will just have to look out for sneaky peeks on the page…

Until next week

Stay sweet and keep fuelling those passions








The Bee



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