A Sense of Calm

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It’s amazing what rest can do for you! After a chilled week off, doing not much at all really, despite temperatures soaring to new heights for this year, it’s been a week of getting stuff done! The rainy weekend has given my motivation a helping hand too, as when the weather was good I found it really hard to do anything on the inside of the house.


Since moving, our possessions have gradually found their place in the new surroundings. When you work from home, as we both do, it’s doubly important to make a space work for you.


You will have seen in a recent blog that Mr Bee is fully functioning as a woodworker again and that has been brilliant! His new workshop has given him the space he needs to grow and an opportunity to re-organise the way he works to improve working conditions and efficiency. It is clear things are working well for him, as he is spending much of his spare time in there and is currently building himself a new workbench to further increase the ease in which he can get things done. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of myself.


Up until this weekend, this has been my work space – oh and this is it after I tidied! OK, I admit it isn’t THAT bad, but the generally chaotic way that I have been using this room since having to open my laptop and start working just hours after moving in, has meant it has not had the attention it deserved. Not only that, unless I have been working at my laptop on tuition business, I have not really enjoyed spending any time in this room full of clutter and random objects that need to be managed. This is a shame, as I knew I could be using the space a whole lot better.



I had my comfy reading corner, obviously shared with Timmy as it is possibly the most comfortable place to sit. It is especially suitable for afternoon naps, when they are needed.


And we also had created a music corner, stocked with a wide selection of vinyl to enjoy browsing on Sunday afternoons and to accompany an evening of drinks with friends.



But now I also have my writing corner back! 


You might remember a post from January which saw me resurrecting a project from the past. I was making quite good headway with it, tucked away in the back bedroom with my new writing desk and renewed enthusiasm. And then, just as I was getting into the flow of things, I was rudely interrupted by a landlord wanting his house back and a the start of a series of weeks where finding a new home, packing and getting rid of excess baggage was the main focus. My serene little space was dismantled with the rest and became a corner full of boxes.


As well as my writing corner, we have also gained a dining room! Other than a plate of toast or a hastily thrown together sandwich, we haven’t had a meal at this table since we moved in, and yet it used to be the social hub of our old home.


I am really looking forward to having friends around the table again, sharing food, stories and wine. And now our home is pretty much created, having lots of other creative things to share with you for the rest of the year.

Starting with what is happening with Bee Creative this summer…

back next week

with more creative tales from the hive.

Stay sweet

The Bee


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