A child of the 70s I grew up with a ‘make do and mend attitude’ and always enjoyed creating things from objects that would otherwise find themselves in the bin. My most successful project was a three story shoe box house with matchbox chests of drawers and ‘real’ fabric curtains. I pursued art and design as a career but after two years at college found myself questioning how I was actually going to make a living out of ’art’ and left with an A level and a head full of daydreams.

My desire to recycle has stuck with me and my aversion to waste means I try to re-use whatever I can. ‘honey bee’ (formerly ‘bees make honey’) all started with a favourite pair of jeans that I could not bear to throw away and recycled into a bag instead. I started making them for friends and pretty soon found I had enough to stock a stall at a local craft market.

“In summer I tend to work with floral cottons which compliments the faded denim I use a lot of and dark blue denim looks great with a hot orange or red gingham. In winter it is all about soft cords in rich berry colours. I LOVE cord! Especially jumbo cord in bold bright colours. I also love the colour combinations that epitomise the 70s, brown and mustard, purple and orange and turquoise and brown to name a few.” number8glass blog – June 2013

I love doing commissioned work and you can see examples of what I have made on my commissions page. I am also keen to share my love of up-cycling with you all and you will find links to creative projects and learn more about my collaboration with Creative Beeston to bring community workshops to the town of Beeston on the Bee Creative page on the site.

radio cutout

Please do not hesitate to use the contact form to message me with any enquiries.