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Last week was exhausting…


so forgive me if I just thrust a lot of pretty pictures in your face. There were late night sewing sessions, and fiddly details to attend to but it all got done. Despite my sewing machine throwing a wobbly and things taking much longer than they were supposed to, I was happy to present a well stocked stall at Saturday’s event.


And it was a fabulous day! Lots of my favourite artists and crafters, some new ones too, filled the venue with their amazing makes. The colourful stalls were as warm as the atmosphere and me and Mr Bee had a great day with a steady stream of regular customers and meeting people who really appreciated our range of recycled gifts. I love listening to Mr Bee explaining his processes and share his passion for ‘no waste’ making so we make perfect stall partners.



Although busy all day, I did manage a whip round the large variety of stalls to take a few pics and scope out the stalls I wanted to revisit in the next lull. Carly Dodsley’s suitcase of bargain ceramics totally caught my eye and I believe between the two of us we made a few purchases for our seventies home. My favourite purchase of the day though, has to have been a retro t-shirt from Lost Shapes  about half an hour from the end of the fair, from a stall outside…in the dark!


Today has been pretty lazy by all accounts. A couple of hours work, followed by a pub lunch and some slouching on the corner sofa. But I think we’ve earned it. We have one more event before December and then we can get on with making our own Christmas happen, and this year it’s going to be really special. 


In the meantime, enjoy the gallery!

And shop local

The Bee


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