Awe and Wonder!

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What a beautiful day!

Spring arrived with a sprinkle of vibrant yellow in our garden this week and the sunshine has revealed gilded branches everywhere! After a working morning and a delicious home-cooked brunch, I couldn’t wait to get out in the bright early afternoon light and enjoy the warmth on my bare head. 


There has been a fair bit of activity inside too! The tuition world is rapidly reaching it’s crescendo as the summer exams get closer and preparations for this year’s Remarkable Recycling Gala are well underway. 


Although I am taking a back seat this year I am still very much involved and have been talking to the ‘Bee Creatives’ about how they would like to contribute to the event too, as most of the workshops we do have a recycled theme. I have also offered to take responsibility for the publicity too and, with a LOT of help from Mr Bee, the flyers were designed and went to print this week. I started to put them together but ran out of that valuable resource time.


With our impending move less than five weeks away now, we have almost shed the excess and are packing ready to set up our new home. The vintage and retro sale went ahead as planned and was a wonderful way to find new homes for some of our past treasures.The selection we had crated up, ready for last weekend’s postponed event, successfully took over the whole dining room so we ate on our laps on Friday night after set up.


For a couple of hours, there was a steady flow of people and the 60s swan kettle whistled away in the background over the mellow tones of Otis Reading. We were visited by some people that we knew, and some that we didn’t, but the atmosphere was relaxed and jovial and we were pleased to see that other people admired items in our collection as much as we did. What surprised me most though, was that after ten years of collecting that I could remember where everything came from!


As I sat this afternoon reflecting on a decade on creating our literal shrine to the seventies, and wondering what this house will look like after undergoing a complete renovation…


I realised that living here has been more about a lifestyle that the house we live in. A love of music, relaxing, reading, adventure and the outdoors and we can take this all with us. The rest is just stuff.


I have already started planning where much loved furniture, artwork and plants will go in the new house and how to use that extensive patio area to its best advantage. The new place has such potential to be just as fabulous as this retro beauty. Gazing out the window on this sunny Sunday afternoon my mind got to wandering about the new adventures we will have in the big green van parked outside, especially now summer is more than a distant promise. 

That’s all for this week, more writing to do…

so until next week

bee grateful for what you have

and stay sweet

The Bee


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