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Longer evenings, more sunshine, it must be Spring! Looking out the window in seems as thought everything is bursting back into life. In between work and tutoring sessions I have managed a few hours in the garden this week and it’s been really great to feel the sun on my face and enjoy the sea of green that has popped up. It has been really satisfying clearing way all the dead stuff to reveal the fresh green shoots and budding leaves. 


I read a great post from Ginny of Lings Lane Larder this week. It started with the words, ‘loved my workout in my green gym this morning. Great fresh air exercise digging the kitchen garden and spreading a good thick mulch of organic manure. Potatoes growing in the green pots, rhubarb, kale, chard and sorrel all growing’ and ended like this, ‘love growing food for my family.’ I could feel her joy at being back in the garden again and I knew what she meant.


I am not really a gardener, still learning the tricks of the trade, but I am lucky enough to have inherited a well stocked private back garden and have since converted the front into a vegetable garden full of raised beds. Although I can’t claim to have ‘fed my family’ I really do enjoy picking or digging up fresh things from the garden to supplement what we buy. I also LOVE spending time sitting in the garden with the bees, butterflies and birds in the background enjoying my morning cuppa when the weather gets warmer.


Most of the outdoor furniture also came with the house and is also looking a bit tired but this well loved wicker chair was something we brought with us. It used to sit in a large sunny bay window in Mr Bee’s flat when were first going out together. It was my favourite place to sit and enjoy my first cup of tea, reading or contemplating whilst he made breakfast down the hall, singing over the sizzling bacon and clattering kitchen noise.

It has definitely seen better days, having been relegated to the open porch, the weather and the kitties have left it looking rather neglected. but I can’t bear to part with it yet. Mr Bee bought me some amazing fabric recently and I have been wondering what to make with it. There is a lot of it so plenty to cover a chair this size. I could have just put a throw over it, that would have easily done the job of perking it up a bit, but instead I decided to have a go at making a cover for it.


I made a pattern by taping sheets of recycled newspaper together, and following the shape of the chair with a marker pen. It was a bit of a challenge getting the shape right, but as it seems I like a bit of a challenge these days I persevered. Because the bottom part is narrower that the top I was careful not to make it too fitted, otherwise I would have had real trouble fitting it after it was made. I am glad that I used newspaper for the pattern as it stood up to the constant re-fitting.


Next I ironed the fabric then pinned on the pattern pieces and remembered to leave a generous seam allowance, when I cut them out,  as I didn’t want it to be too snug either.


Then I pinned the pieces together first to check the fit and then stitched them all together, testing out the top piece on the chair after I had sewn it to the seat.


As you can see, I had barely finished straightening out when this little fella plopped himself on it, curled up and went to sleep. The green cushion on the right is one that came from the same flat, with the chair so it seemed right to put them together. I love to see a mixture of colours and patterns but if I am mixing patterns I do try and keep the colour scheme pretty similar, I don’t want to give myself a migraine after all! 


I am pretty pleased my new and improved chair. It’s not perfect but it has certainly brightened up my backyard and I think I will make a couple of cushions for some of the other chairs. And I just might have to invest in a new pair of pink flamingos…


Until next week

look on the brightside

The Bee



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