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Another short blog as I have just got back from a day out with Mr Bee and it’s late. It is also one of those balmy evenings where sitting in the garden with a laptop and a glass of wine feels perfectly appropriate, so cheers!


As promised this week’s blog is a bit of an update on what’s been happening with Bee Creative just lately. Well first off, it’s no longer just one bee making things happen, it is lots of bees!


Which means that in future the blogs published on the page will only concern what is going on directly with the craft therapy group and other associated things. Any personal blog posts will now only be posted on my profile page, as this just seems to make more sense really, and will be in addition to the weekly bee creative post. 


Events of late have made me think about how this group has grown and possibilities for the future, and it’s quite exciting! You may recall how aside from the wonderful
Kayrakise coming on board in January to run alternate sessions, there have also been other group members stepping up to deliver sessions too. When I started the sessions at Middle Street Resource Centre last June, it was my intention to put my energy into developing both the skills and confidence of people in the group and I have been delighted to see this happening.


The most rewarding development this year has been Kay’s decision to apply to teach art and craft sessions and starting the course this summer! This will mean that now our Monday night sessions are often over-subscribed, we may be able to add in another session in the future and Kay and I can use that opportunity to mentor someone else. We are also gaining a LOT of outside interest too and last Monday we were treated to a session from another local provider.


Karyn from Creative Paths CIC approached me as she had some funding left over and thought that our group would like to take advantage of this. Of course being self-funded, we jumped at the chance and I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable, even though every seat was occupied and I had to bow out. 


I have never tried silk painting before so was intrigued to see how these masterpieces turned out and was not disappointed, they were brilliant! I was also give the opportunity to spend a bit of time with each of the participants and properly appraise their work. It is also so wonderful and walk around the table and hear the supportive conversations and positive vibe that’s been created within the group. This week we had a boy as young as ten with his grandma, who is one of our regulars,  and a mum and her two daughters that joined us for the first time.


Next week our group will be making for another upcoming event and raising money for another local charity that one of our members is affiliated with, but I’ll tell you more about that next week…

Until then

stay sweet 

and take care of one another

The Bee



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