Clearing Out!

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It’s been happening every week since January hit. Each week I am taking bags to charity shops, donating carefully stored resources to people and projects and now I have pretty much come down the the stuff I need to sell. I love finding the ‘right home’ for things and of course recycled where I can.


This gorgeous pair of platform shoes that I bought back in the 90s, I believe to be a reproduction of an original 1970s shoe, are full leather and were quite expensive I recall. They certainly are a thing of beauty, in old English white with just the right amount of sheen, and they have hardly been worn. This is mainly because they are as impractical as they look for someone with a dodgy knee like me, but also they are the kind of shoes that you need to have a fitting  occasion to wear them. 



Now it’s true that they are taking up hardly any space in my ample 1970s formica wardrobe but still…I really don’t need them and somebody else could be having some serious (possibly dangerous) fun in them! Being something of a collector, I have a number of things in my home like this and it really does feel like time to be getting rid. It is possible that I am getting  obsessed with clearing out, but I have been feeling just that little bit lighter with every bag of clothing, books and other useful stuff I have removed from the house.


The question is, what is the best way to sell some of the more collectible items on? I used to be a great fan of eBay and at one point used to have regular Sunday night eBay sessions selling on charity shop mistakes, often at a profit! I think those days are possibly gone now, it seems to me that eBay’s marketplace is pretty saturated with everything you could possible want and more, how would people find my treasures? Maybe I should look at vintage selling sites instead? But there seem so many of those these days, I am not sure where to start!


Then there’s Sphock (which I can’t even shpell) at first glance a right mish mash of people’s old junk and bulk buys of strange electrical goods. I suppose if they are marketing it as a ‘boot sale app for beautiful things’ I should expect it to feel like a car boot, endless trawling in the hope that you find something that sparkles and catches your eye. Although on closer inspection, the search function did bring up a page of related items and at least there’s no auction to wait until the end of. Hmm…what about Gumtree? Is that still as accessible as it used to be?


I am not sure if this all seems like a lot of hard work for a pair of vintage look shoes…

what do you think?

Until next week

Stay sweet

The Bee


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