Collaborations and cabbages

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It’s been really busy, for the second week of the Easter holiday. Of course now I am in the process of changing my job I will probably be saying goodbye to the traditional ‘school holiday’ pattern and working to a new weekly schedule. Still lots of tutoring sessions happening so not many days to play this week but the long game is looking sweeter.




Something else that has been taking up a lot of my time over the past few weeks, is helping to organise this year’s Remarkable Recycling Gala which comes at the end of Sherwood Art Week. As I mentioned in a blog at the start of the year, the main organiser was over-committed so asked for volunteers but has now had to pull out. With others dropping out too this essentially left two of us at the helm for a couple of weeks, which was a bit scary. The group is now up to three.



Still three is the magic number right? Thankfully now all the information has been submitted for the brochure we can both get on with our making. Although I have to admit, as an antidote to spending long sessions at my laptop this week, I have been finding any excuse to be out in the garden and especially in that chair. So I am helping to organise a BIG event in a few months time and I still really haven’t done any sewing… that is, until today. Although I did set up a new ‘ideas book’ yesterday and made a few sketches. 


If you follow the facebook page you my have seen that Mr Bee had made me a set of bag handles from the waste ends of the skateboards he recycles into wooden blocks that he then turns on his lathe and makes his replica skateboard wheels, light pulls, 7 inch record adapters and other beautifully shaped objects. A while back we collaborated on some jewellery, which he didn’t particularly enjoy making as it was fiddly but it was a good seller and he developed quite a range. He also makes me toggles and buttons from scraps, which I LOVE putting on my bags.


The plan was for me to try out this set with a view to him making more and me making a selection of bags using these as rather funky handles. Not all skateboard decks are made in such a beautiful coloured ply but the ones that are generally get special treatment. I really wanted to use some more of that hot pink and orange fabric that I used to make the chair cover but I felt that it was a bit much so I had a rummage in my fabric pile to see what I could find. I opted for a dark blue denim, something a little grey-blue and worn to suit the handles.



I top-stitched the denim in a hot pink thread as I thought it would look cool and pull the colours together. I spent a lot of time pondering the shape and made a couple of patterns to try out, favouring the second one eventually. I really enjoyed the process, and wasn’t really sure how it would look when it was finished, but that was part of the fun! Making the lining was pretty straightforward but stitching the handles on was a bit tricky, I hadn’t quite left enough fabric to make a good turn over but it worked out ok in the end, with a bit of careful manipulation.



I am quite pleased with the finished bag, for a first attempt. I think I might try a few different shapes though and see which work best with the handles, which will be made to a standard size, as they are governed by the width of a skateboard. It is good to be collaborating again though. I am also going to road test this bag to see how practical it is and give Mr Bee some feedback and hopefully get him to make me some more.


There is still a lot to organise for July’s recycling event but I think we have now got things under control and there are still a few months to go. No need to panic yet then!? In the meantime I am going enjoy getting back into the swing of things and keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration, I want this year’s stall to look better than ever!


And as lots of seeds have been planted this week, I will be soon back on it with the veg growing too!

Until next week

Make the most of the long weekend

and stay sweet

The Bee


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