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This week saw a coming together of many things! This week was my final full week of exam revision sessions and preparations for this year’s Remarkable Recycling Gala.


The Bee Creative stall looked fabulous, with so many brightly coloured and beautiful things that were made by members of the group and it received many compliments from those who visited. The crafters involved keep the money that they make, making a small donation to Bee Creative to help fund further projects. I am so proud of what they are achieving and their products looked really professional, helped along by Linda’s display skills.


Mr Bee was there with rather a light stall, since he has only just managed to set his workshop up properly this week, but as usual he had lots of friendly faces popping by to say ‘hello.’ This is why this event will remain one of my favourites. It always seems to attract such a great selection of stallholders and the visitors are often the kind that genuinely want to chat about how their creations came about – there is always a general feeling of awe and wonder that I love.


Despite not having my own stall, I was kept busy as the ‘meeter and greeter’ for a while, encouraging folk to buy a raffle ticket to raise funds Middle Street Resource Centre in support of the amazing work that they do for the Beeston community. The artist Kelly Holmes kindly donated one of her stunning pieces as she couldn’t make it in person this year – she sent Brian Clough in her place. Beestonian Jenny was the excited winner, she rushed back to pick him up before we packed away.


This year’s gala was a mixture of the original line-up with newcomers thrown in for good measure, and just like they always do they created a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a general appreciation for each other’s work. As we expected, Michelle Reader’s life size sculptures caused a lot of interest in the foyer, there were more to enjoy out in the garden area too. Obviously my favourite was the giant bee in a tree, but then I don’t think I was on my own there.


It was great to get the opportunity to see the gala from a different perspective this year, and not having my own stall meant I did at least get to see ALL of the stalls this year, even if it was only briefly…


but of course what made the day such a success were all the wonderful people who came down to see just what makes the gala so ‘remarkable.’


Looking forward to next year already!

Until next week

Stay sweet 

and take care of your world

The Bee


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