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It’s a brief blog post this week, as it’s Mr Bee’s birthday today and we are going to be busy with the celebrations later, but I just thought I would check in with you and share a bit of news.



This week kicked off with the first ‘Bee Creative’ session and it was a really positive start to the year! I was great to see some of the familiar faces from last year and welcome some new people too.


What gives me the most joy, is the way the sessions have evolved and now pretty much run themselves once the initial input is over. I present them with an idea, and set of materials, and watch the magic happen. Obviously I am always on had to offer a helping hand to anyone that needs it and love that others in the groups are always happy to help out too. We really have created something special, and I fully expect it to grow again this year.


For two of the group in particular, their creative endeavours are already growing. Due to their commitment and the creative talent they both possess, they were given the opportunity to sell their work on a stall at Christmas. It went really well, and now Lucy of Two Little Magpies is giving them an opportunity to stock work in her beautiful shop!


I am so excited for them and hope they feel ready to be able to take up this opportunity! Lucy has done so much to support our community craft group already so we are blown away that Two Little Magpies are to become our sponsor this year. I have thought so many times about applying for funding, but this really does keep it community. It also gives us even MORE opportunities for collaborations, and you all know how much I LOVE working with Lucy and her team.


In other news, the Rudyards Tea House Origami Takeover started in earnest this week and they have now had their first installation of origami cranes. This is the first of many community projects that will encourage people visiting the tea shop to have a go. It is by no means the easiest model to fold but it would be great if people do manage to make one to add to the display. My lovely friend Kay and her fried Martha helped me to fold a few last week, we have a big collection now!


And this leads me to another exciting piece of news. Kay has offered to help fun the Bee Creative sessions this year and we spent this week putting together a schedule for the next couple of months. Kay is bringing with her some new ideas and skills and I am so looking forward to being better organised and having more to offer our wonderful group.

So until next week

Keep creating

and stay sweet

The Bee


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