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It is almost three years since the Bee Creative Community Workshops came into being and this week I really felt the benefit of what I have worked hard to create.


In between work and organising my stuff to move th
ere has not been much time for creativity, and to be honest I have been missing it. Folding a few butterflies on a train ride just hasn’t been cutting it, so I was really glad when I realised on Monday that Kay was running the Bee Creative Session providing the perfect opportunity for me to immerse myself in a crafty project.


I had never made a dream catcher before, so was really looking forward to learning something new and it seemed like this make would require a fair bit of concentration. My brain wouldn’t let me understand the first step for a while, but with Kay’s patience and a hands-on approach I got it and was soon into the rhythm of winding and threading the wool around the hoop. The repetitive action was soothing and watching the centre pattern evolve was satisfying.


You could say that this project was a bit fiddly, but as I felt confident that I had got it I was more than happy to share my newly acquired expertise with others in the group, as it swelled in the first half and hour. As usual there was a fair bit of variation around the room, different colours, styles and ideas for decoration. I think this is one of the things we do really well in our sessions, rather than everyone trying  to produce exactly the same thing.


I am always keen to photograph all the projects and enjoy this process too. It is allows me to keep a record of the many different things we make and the wealth of wonderful outcomes. In two hours I had made a dream catcher that I was really pleased with and still had time to walk around the room,taking photographs and supporting others with their projects. It was a truly relaxing evening, contributed to by Kay’s excellent instruction and the calm atmosphere in the group.


Not content with one craft therapy session this week. I was also lucky enough to attend a fabulous workshop run by one of the Magpies who was my wing-woman at the start of the Middle Street sessions, and what a fantastic wing-woman she was! It is fantastic to see how she has progressed from supporting sessions, to being part of the Two Little Magpies collective and is now running her own sessions. 


I was really excited about this session, as a make-do-and-mender I knew I would find the skills really useful and was keen to learn. It fits so well with my recycling ethos, I just had to give it a go! Looking at Lisa’s example piece on my favourite fabric of all time, I loved that way that the holes had been disguised as colourful patches on the dark denim blue.


I took my time and started sewing my outline, as instructed. It felt really good to be hand sewing again! Of course I picked one of my signature colours to team with the dark blue denim and was pleased with how the bright orange glowed against the deep blue. As I was sewing, I was reminded of the many bags and purses I had made in this colour combination in the past. I was also thinking about how I could use this technique to brighten up some of my old favourite jeans.


I thoroughly enjoyed this class and will be making sure I make time to go to more this year. They have everything from shibori dyeing to paper-cutting, and lots more in between! Here’s my work in progress…

I think it looks rather like a sunny yellow yolk at the moment, I might add some petals so it looks more like the centre of a flower. It is really effective though, and feels pretty strong too.


Just one week to go before we start to move out, we have decided to move the workshop first so Mr Bee can get set up and ready to work, then the contents of the house. Hopefully that way it won’t be too disruptive and we can live in organised chaos, instead of just chaos, for a while.

Until next week

look after yourselves

The Bee


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