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Lots happening this week in the hive! I am sewing steadily and getting organised for my first craft event at the start of November and it was also the return on that moving exhibition I helped put together, It’s Not the Baby Blues. Setting it up, with Sarah of Open House prompted me to think about the amazing response it got last time and wonder where bringing it out of hibernation might lead.


One thing is for certain though, it is definitely a good thing that it has made another appearance, it is pretty powerful stuff and should be shared as many times as possible to remind others that there is always hope. 


Another project I have been buzzing away at also seems to be bearing some Autumn fruit. As you may be aware, if you follow my page, I started to write for The Beestonian Magazine in January this year. I cover all things creative in Beeston, an extension of the facebook page I run called (coincidentally) Creative Beeston. Since taking over the page a couple of years ago I use it as a way mainly to promote creative and independent businesses in the town I live in. 


I have also been promoting a range of FREE and affordable community craft opportunities and workshops through Creative Beeston under the name of Bee Creative. These have become very successful as workshops in their own right but we have also led to some great community projects. And it is this area that I am now developing further. Through my involvement with The Beestonian I have been invited to be part of a new and exciting poetry project.


This Summer The Beestonian launched a competition to find a poem for Beeston. Buzzword was the buzzword and there were a great number of quality entries from locals who hold the town dear to their hearts. The entries were announced at a local event last week and there were two winners, one adult and one under sixteen entrant, who at just twelve years old is already showing signs of becoming an accomplished poet. Her poem was an emotional triumph!


The idea is that now we have a poem for Beeston (well two actually) we need to make sure that it is shared far and wide. There will be a small group of us collaborating on this and I am looking to our first ‘ideas’ meeting. There isn’t much else that I can tell you at the moment but there will be more about this in the future.


I have also been chatting with this lady recently. Trish, very like me, has been championing the creative and she made it her mission to address the dilemma that surrounds many artists and makers – promoting their own work. I was so impressed by her energy and what she has achieved already that I chose her as my ‘creative’ subject for my last article where I examine The Business of Creating a Creative Business. I am fairly sure our minds will meet again in the not too distant future.


I have been sitting down to write this weekly blog for over five years and the ethos behind honey bee, has existed even longer. I have always enjoyed the process of writing, even when no-one was really reading my ramblings, and it has become an easy process now. I rarely miss a post, mostly musings of my week and current projects. Occasionally though, I am so moved by something that I feel I have to vent, somewhere along the lines I caught the eye of The Beestonian editor.


I have always been grateful for opportunities and look forward to where these new ones will carry me. 

In the meantime

keep working towards your goals

even if you are not sure what they are yet

and stay special

The Bee



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