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By on Aug 26, 2018 in bee creative, community, news | 4 comments

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This week has been all about making plans for the autumn. The summer can’t last forever but my goodness it’s been a good one hasn’t it?! It feels as thought the long lazy days have gone for this year but these have been replaced with a fresh sense of purpose. I have always enjoyed the changing seasons and the gentle transition from summer to autumn is no exception. 

At the start of August, I wrote a short blog about the momentum that is driving Bee Creative forward. It has been fun year and we have been involved in a number of rewarding events! This Autumn we are working towards offering a Wednesday night session to compliment what we are doing on Monday nights and we are looking to mentor more willing individuals who feel they would like to be able to run sessions in the future. 


I met with Kay yesterday to discuss the practicalities of making this work and was delighted that she was as enthusiastic as I was. Kay often offers a different perspective on things which I find particularly useful when planning sessions and events, we also have a penchant for indulging ourselves in a pot of leaf tea and slice of locally made cake. Extra sessions, ideas for daytime sessions and people who might want to come on board as sessions leaders were all on the agenda.


We have had a great response to the piloted daytime sessions and have become a little oversubscribed on Monday nights, so it’s time to put some more plans into action.


This morning I worked on the first draft of the Bee Creative Mentoring Programme to formalise the work I have been doing with Kay and to help to provide her with something tangible that she can put in her teacher training portfolio and support her qualification.It will need tweaking and I suspect some additional guidance adding but I would like to present it to a few members of the group first and get their valuable input to make sure that this is a service that I can feasibly offer. I am really excited about sharing the outcome with you next week.


Meanwhile, start getting cosy and looking forward to the promise of a new season…

and stay sweet

The Bee



  1. Sarah

    August 26, 2018

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    How exciting. I’m looking forward to following your journey and hopefully joining you for a session.

    • TheBee

      August 26, 2018

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      Thank you as always for your support! Peer mentoring is definitely the way forward, thank you for your inspiration x

  2. Scooby71

    August 26, 2018

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    I enjoyed last Monday night, enjoying just doing instead of my perfectionism taking over, which kills my creativity. Thank you D x

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