Feel Good Friday!

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I am almost there! With half-term just about to begin and exam season coming to an end, I can definitely see a more productive bee on the horizon! The week was good, lots of revision sessions and cycling too and fro in the heat but a really positive week just the same. And Friday night just rounded it off nicely.


Creative Beeston organised their first ever well-being evening at Two Little Magpies and it was a huge hit with the craft group. Sallyann from Oracle Earth Holistic Therapies came over to Beeston to treat us to an evening of tranquility. Ladies booked their twenty minute treatment in advance, allowing Sallyann a short break in between so she could mingle and take advantage of the complimentary prosecco and nibbles. 

The sessions were fully booked and each of the ladies came back from behind the makeshift screen looking radiant and relaxed. To keep them entertained as they eagerly waited their turn, Lucy set up some mini-workshops for them to do which added to the easy environment she usually creates. 



We screened off an area at the front of the shop, which worked really well with the shutters down, and created just the right ambience with some zen music and a fragrance oil burner. I took sneaky pics, whilst trying not to be invasive, as I also wanted to be able to pass some on to Sallyann as this is a new business for her. The women knew that I would be taking photographs but I think only one of them actually heard me trying, and somewhat failing, to be stealth.


Meanwhile on the other side of the curtain…

there were glasses of bubbly and lots of laughter! And this is why I enjoy working with Lucy and Fiona to create these opportunities for people to get together and get creative, it really is good for your soul. No matter what is going on in the world outside we leave that at the door and make time to play. I believe that ‘play’ is just as important to adults as it is to children. Ok, you have to be a grown up and deal with your all of your responsibilities but it’s healthy to let that all go!


Doing whatever makes you feel good is underrated in my book. The pressures of modern life can take their toll on us if we don’t make time to step away and do something that we enjoy. And with metal health being in the media spotlight at the moment, it is becoming much easier to talk about and consider our mental well-being as well as our physical and that has to be a step in the right direction.


All our craft events are free to participants but we always have a collection box where people can drop in a donation if they wish, mainly to cover the costs for refreshments and materials. There is no pressure to do this and no suggested minimum donation, most people leave something but if they really couldn’t afford to then nobody would judge them. However, this year people have been rather generous! So instead of the usual tea, biscuits and snacks we splashed out a bit.


And on this occasion the kind donations will be heading over to one of our favourite local charities Open House Nottingham, as it seemed a fitting thing to do at a well-being event. 


As it was so popular, I can see that this is something we will be repeating, especially as I forgot to book myself in for a treatment, doh!

So until next week

Stay sweet and don’t forget to play

The Bee


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