Festive Thank Yous

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it…? For some people it can be the most difficult time of the year and for others a pretty lonely experience. If like me you are lucky enough to be surrounded by a loving family and friends then you no doubt you will be looking forward to having some time to spend with them all and showing your appreciation for having them in your lives. 


I think as I get older I notice more the little things that people outside of my immediate circle do for me. The gesture that the stranger, who offered to help me off the train with an injured knee, took the time to make yesterday afternoon and this sweetly wrapped present that I received from my Sunday morning student.


And there is nothing more heart-warming than being given the gift of someone’s time. Time spent visiting you ‘because they were in the area’ or making you something ‘ as I thought you would appreciate it.’ This clever upturned wine glass snowman snow globe was given to me at the end of the last community craft session of the year by one of the attendees, I was touched as it was just such a thoughtful thing to do but also because of the time and patience to create it. On the top sits a sparkly red candle, perfect to illuminate a cosy evening.


It’s a low key Christmas for us again this year. Having spent the last couple of months crafting and grafting we feel it’s time to switch off for a while. Our home is twinkling bright in the early darkening evenings and the anticipation of lazy mornings, hearty breakfasts and winter walks hangs in the cinnamon scented air. Just like a freshly baked apple pie, the festive period for us is all about home comforts and wholesome indulgence, snuggled under a blanket watching classic films then passing time playing cards and trying to outwit each other at Scrabble.


There will be gatherings and get togethers with a whole host of wonderful people and a time to reflect on plans for an exciting new year. So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal followers, customers and blog readers for all your support over the years and extend sincere Christmas wishes to you and yours and all the best for a spectacular new year. I hope that you too are shown how much you are appreciated and get to spend some valuable time with your loved ones. I mean that is what Christmas is really about, right? 


I will be taking a break for a few weeks but will be back with the blog in the new year. 

In the meantime

rock around that Christmas tree

and stay sweet

The Bee


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