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This time last week I was writing a blog post from the cosy comfort of a small stone cottage in Blaenau Ffestiniog and was very relaxed. Despite having been back two days and already having got stuck back into work, I feel ready for what this new year has to offer. That’s the beauty of taking a proper break I think.


As you would expect, there wasn’t an awful lot open when we were there so, without any real expectation, we picked places to visit with walking and ambling in mind. On our last day, we really fancied finding somewhere that did a good old fashioned pub lunch, so drove out to Criccieth which is a pretty place I remembered going as a child. 



As luck would have it, the castle was open and FREE to enter but after a bracing walk around its ruins we quickly discovered there was nowhere that could supply us with hot food and an ale. So we carried on a long the coast to Pwllheli. Strangely I don’t remember ever going there, over all the years we holidayed in North Wales, although I do remember having a school friend who did and called it rather amusingly ‘Puffwelly.’



We found a great bistro there with a mouthwatering menu and then decided to explore the town. It was a town much like any other really, and nothing in particular grabbed our attention until we found ourselves stood facing the Christmas window of Scope charity shop. It was there we found real treasure! At the back of the shop on the textiles rail, glowing 70s orange, yellow and brown, were three identical bedding sets in mint condition!


Now ordinarily I wouldn’t be greedy and would have left some for someone else to enjoy but something compelled me to whisk the whole lots off the rail and hurry to the cash desk with it. Perhaps it was because I had been waiting for inspiration to strike, or maybe it was because this is possibly one of my favourite colour combinations, but I had to have it all. 


Inspiration struck today, the gloomy morning drew me into the sewing room to gaze at my prize. And as I held one of those glorious pillowcases up to admire it in all its unfolded beauty, I remembered one of my first ever projects. When my stash was quite limited, I devised a way to make a bag entirely from one pillowcase. Spurred on by this distant memory, I set to work to see if I could recall its basic construction.



Remarkably I did!I mean my memory is not quite what it was, but although the dimensions might not have been quite the same I managed to make a simple shaped shopper, handles and all, with one single pillowcase and it made me smile. There was barely anything left when I had finished but I was on a roll so I reached for another pillowcase and made  few smaller items.



But I couldn’t resist making a statement flower for the pillowcase bag with what was left over. After I have finished making a range of cheerful retro products to cheer up the webshop I am going to make something for myself. This year I would really like to have another stab at dressmaking. I think as the year has past my confidence is growing so it’s worth a try right? I mean what self respecting retro lover wouldn’t want a garment made out of this original 70s fabric!?



It’s back to work tomorrow, but with my new part-time hours I am already planning my next stint in the sewing room and the next community craft catch up, oh and there’s also the matter of writing my first article for the Beestonian magazine. I think this is going to be another year filled with creative adventures.

Until next week

Stay sweet

The Bee


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