Flower Power!

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This week has been all about creating, and one of the things that I have been making a lot of lately is one of my signature flowers. There are quite popular and I have seen quite a few crafters make them, but you will always see them on my stall, attached to a piece of card as a brooch or stitched to a purse or bag.


I love making them! They are a great way of recycling smaller scraps of fabric and you can have fun with patterns and colours when you are making them. Although a staple on my stall, I am always happy to teach people how to make them and I think in the past three years I have probably run seven sessions where I have demonstrated how to make these sweet petal flowers, two of those sessions have been this year. 


Here are a selection that were made at Friday’s class at Two Little Magpies, great aren’t they!? I taught the ladies two styles of flower, both based on a five petal design but one with pointed petals (my favourite) and one with rounded petals. 


Whilst we were busily chatting and stitching, I noticed one lady had accidentally added an extra petal to her flower. Of course this didn’t matter at all, and she was actually rather pleased with how it looked so carried on making it. What it did remind me of though was a time when I had experimented much more when hand-sewing flowers, and it got me thinking about the different styles and shapes I had made in the past.



So today, in the early morning sun, I had a little play with different sized circles and stitching them together differently to create an alternative to the five petal variety. I began by stitching four petals together then layers a group of three, then two on top to make a sort of rose shaped flower. I had been talking about this particular flower on Friday night with one of the other ladies in the group.


It slotted together quite well and produced a pleasing shape, leaving a small hole in the centre perfect for a small button. I used to make brooches like this, until I fell into the habit of making the five petal variety, and felt accomplished that I had remembered how to make it. I think the choice of a soft well washed cotton was a good plan too, it produced a delicately rounded flower shape that sits neatly in the palm of your hand and curls up slightly.


I then tried to recall another shape that I had made, many years ago, and folded the cut-out circles slightly more inventively to see if I could form the same shape. It didn’t work how it was supposed to but I was intrigued to see how the final flower so I persevered and added a lot more petals this time. It looked a bit like a sunflower when I had finished. Then I remembered that I had used squares to make the flower shape I sought. I set to work, cutting out squares.


I wasn’t sure how many petals I needed, or how to put them together, so I kind of worked it out based on the shapes of the previous petals I had made. Slowly, the memories returned and I started to see something that resembled the flower I had made in the past.


It wasn’t quite right, but I would say that I made good progress today, and had fun in the process. My three finished flowers are all very different and this is why I like them. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and make changes to what you do from time to time. It keeps things interesting and who knows where you might end up?!


I think I might have been practising some craft therapy myself today, and look at that garden of beautiful blooms! The bee seems to like them.

Until next week

make time for play

The Bee


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