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There has been much excitement this week in the hive! The first article I have ever written for The Beestonian was published this week and I was so thrilled to see it in actual print! It’s a sort of introduction to creativity in Beeston, under the banner of Creative Beeston and the idea for the theme came to me over that blissful week I spent in Snowdonia over the Christmas break. 


You can read it here online or pick up a paper copy from many cafes, bars and social spaces in Beeston. It’s a great publication, the ages packed with interesting facts and positive messages about our amazing little town and I am really proud to be part of spreading the world about how wonderfully diverse and culturally rich it is. This week has also been a good week for sewing.


It’s been far too long that I have neglected the little bees. In the past, I have always had a good selection of up-cycled loveliness to attract the younger customers but of late I feel I have been letting them down. I am appalled at how I have allowed myself to get distracted by other more grown up things and forgotten how much fun it is to make cute little things. 


Inspired by a Christmas commission, I dragged out the left over recycled fabric I cut from an old duvet set and set about making a range of Pokémon themed bags and purses. I believe the set was passed on to me by my nephew, who decided he had outgrown Pokémon and willingly donated it to the cause. The fabric is really versatile because it has large images and smaller images on the front with a different back panel that makes great lining.


The first bag I made was more adult sized to be honest and it took a few attempts before I succeeded in making something I could happily call a bag for a ‘little bee.’ My lack of 5 inch zips meant the only purses I could make were standard size, instead of the mini purses that have become popular of late. But if I came across a piece that would suit a purse, I made one anyway. In fact I have made four so far.


I often begin making with no real plan of what I am going to make and the materials dictating how things turn out. I have often said that I enjoy the process as much as seeing the finished article, which is why most of the things I make are truly unique. I never really know what I am going to end up with until it is actually lying in front of me and this is the beauty of working in reclaim. 


This sweet three year old shirt, caught my eye a while ago and I made a wee purse from a strip I cut from the bottom. Although pretty worn around the collar and sleeves the print is still bright and beautiful and there was quite a lot of usable fabric left. So I made another bag! The button was made from a ‘skate’ dice and the strap was an old kids belt with one of those shiny buckles that looks good, but doesn’t actually stay fastened.


I am having a great time making this collection and have plans to add to it a drawstring bag, a small satchel and something floral for those who like pretty things. Who knows what other ideas this will generate along the way…?


I am hoping that by next week I can start photographing and adding things to the web shop.

In the meantime

stay creative

The Bee



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