‘Going Away’

By on Jul 22, 2018 in news | 0 comments

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It’s a brief blog this week. Mostly because I have not got much to talk about, but also because I am still officially ‘on leave.’  I haven’t actually bought plane tickets to somewhere exotic, or made lots of plans to do amazing things, in reality I have just put on my ‘out of office’ and had a week just for me…but it has been wonderful.


It’s been great to get up when I want, leave the laptop closed on my desk, make pots of tea to savour with a good book and sift through the vinyl collection looking for something to accompany the cloud watching and sunshine appreciation. 


It’s been a tough few months, which finally seem to be coming to an end, so it’s now time to enjoy the summer…


and make the most of those long sunny days and maybe even treat myself to the odd vintage purchase 😉 



Back to work tomorrow, well rested and full of new ideas!

Until next week

plan a little escape

and stay sweet

The Bee


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