“Goodbye Honey.”

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‘Honey Bee‘ makes it’s smooth transition to ‘Bee Creative’ this week, just like that. I edited that name this morning and was notified that changes would take effect in 3 days. In fact they have happened already!


I have been thinking about what to do with the page, make a clean break and delete it? But in the end I decided that there is far too much creative goodness to make it disappear altogether so it’s just taking on a new focus. This feels like the right decision, after all Bee Creative is all about community and the lone worker bee is now part of this.



When I think back to where the community workshops started, origami has featured rather heavily. This was my first ever session, back in June 2015. I taught a table full of eager participants how to fold origami butterflies, which then became part of the Beeston Arts Trail.

This week long event, organised by Beeston Bid, a now disbanded group of people who were responsible for supporting businesses in Beeston, was purely to promote the joy of creativity. I remember really enjoying being involved, and in particular how enthusiastic some of the businesses were about having their windows dressed with pretty paper butterflies.

Although I have kept up the origami bombing of hearts and messages around Valentines Day,  I have been itching to make more of an impact just recently.



January has been all about the crane, and our last community workshop produced some fabulous examples of mobiles that featured some beautifully folded birds. Although we are moving away from origami for the next few weeks, of course being February it would be remiss for us not to revisit the origami hearts we made back in June 2017, our first workshop at Middle Street Resource Centre.

As last year progressed I realised that I had finally found the right space and group of people to allow me to build on the craft therapy ethos I had right at the start. Watching the confidence of group members grow, friendships form and hidden talents become revealed, this is really where my interest lies at the moment. 

Now I have Kay supporting me with sessions, I know that this year will be a year where we can expand what has been offer and support our community even more.



It’s been wonderful to witness the buzz our origami project caused in Rudyard’s Tea House, although I have no idea what impact it has made on the business as yet, I would definitely like to drive some more of these forward this year. We have already been approached about installing a display in three other businesses in Beeston.

At some point, it would be wonderful to re-create the butterfly swarms of the Arts Trail, although if you look closely you can still see the legacy of this in some of the businesses on the High Road today.

It is exciting to thing what we could achieve now there are are healthy group of us meeting regularly, and what new ideas will be generated by other people’s input. Let’s put it this way, Beeston is going to get a whole lot prettier this year! And of course we will start by spreading some love in February.



I am proud of what I have achieved, but I am also ready to open my arms to those who want to be part of this blossoming community project. Now we have Two Little Magpies on board as sponsors we have every chance of expanding our sights to encompass more support groups in the future.

In the meantime, I am just happy seeing where it all goes.

So until next week

stay sweet

and keep it community.

The Bee



  1. Marysia Zipser

    February 7, 2018

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    Fabulous, such good things happening with Bee Creative and Beeston! Brava to you All! How about a Bee trail from Beeston Square to The Hive on Union Street too! Only difficult to do origami bees, but know you’ll come up with a fantastic bee-some idea!


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