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This week felt more ‘together’ than last week. The balancing act between work, home, family, friends, self-employment one, self-employment two and my community interests was successfully accomplished and the week ended in a wonderfully creative way.



The fabulous Fiona of Minifi offered to take the lead on the first Crafty Catch up of the year and try her hand at teaching us something new. It was her first experience of teaching her craft but with our friendly group of amazing ladies, she knew this would be a good place to start. She was right. She really had no need to be nervous as the supportive atmosphere that underpins our community group always shines through.



I was particularly exited about this particular workshop as it would be giving me the opportunity to learn a new skill. I had picked up a book on printing techniques a while back, and although I had read it from cover to cover and even sketched out a few cursory ideas, I had not yet actually done any printing. And this is what I feel our workshops should be about. The introduction of new skills to stimulate and inspire people to try something new.



As you know, bees love flowers so I chose one of the retro flowers from this beautiful book as the image I would like to print. The method of printing that Fiona taught us was lino cutting and she advised us not to go for something too detailed for a first attempt. I would also suggest not opting for something with so many ’round’ edges as they are really tricky to get right!



On reflection I think I would also have chosen something a little less geometric and more free form as I have also now started to have ideas about where I would use the print. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed learning how to make the print block and found the actually cutting bit really therapeutic. And like taking photographs with my 35mm camera, I liked the anticipation of what the finished print would look like.



As always, I was impressed by the ideas the group came up with and their focus and concentration to get things to go they wanted them too. Fiona’s encouragement really brought the best out of her students and there was a definite buzz in the air as their industrious fingers worked their creative magic. It was also great to have Lucy on hand as she is always keen to get involved and offers both ideas and support when it is needed. 



It is always so lovely to see family members working together and I was especially pleased that Sarah or Wildgoose Designs came over with her daughter Jasmine. Sarah, along with another Sarah, run regular workshops at Curious? in the newly developed Sneinton Market’s arty quarter and it must have been really rewarding for her to spend time in the ‘creative’ passenger seat for a change. What they produced collectively was marvellous! 



I have been keeping my eye on the range of fabulous workshops on offer at Curious? and have been lucky enough to visit their exciting new space, this year I am planning to get booking myself on one! Sarah and Fiona are both stockists at Lucy’s super shop Two Little Magpies and their desire to get involved with the community side of her business is testament to the positive and collaborative relationships she has with makers.



I love working with Lucy and am hoping we can find lots more reasons to get our creative heads together this year! Our little crafty group has outgrown her studio, but it is a great space for workshops. I am thinking it might be time to extend our little crafty empire and get on with the ‘craft revolution’ we are so motivated to create. On the meantime, I am on the lookout for bigger premises.


You only have to see the quality of the work produced to see that the workshop was a hit with the group. I for had a great time and think this is one new skill I have learned that I will be developing more. I have plans peeps!

Until next week, ‘owl’ leave you (sorry) with this thought…

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.” (Dr Seuss)



Stay sweet

The Bee



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