Kindness Counts

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To follow on from last week’s theme, this week I have been the lucky recipient of other people’s kindness. There is a lot of it about in the creative community, people offering you craft supplies they can’t use, sharing your facebook page with someone who is looking for something you make and supporting your events by helping to spread the word and popping by your stall to say ‘hello.’ 


Well-known for my recycling ethos I am often made offers of bags of fabric, button tins and other wonderful stuff and I very rarely turn them down, as if I can’t use them I generally know someone that will. Just last week I redirected a large quantity of leather scraps to my fellow bag making friend Janine McShane as I knew she would make excellent use of them.


This delicious stack of books came into my possession today and I am relishing the opportunity to spend an afternoon flicking through their pages. I have been running the weekly ‘Bee Creative’ craft sessions since June and I am sure there are fresh ideas within those attractive covers. Like most ‘free’ gifts I am often really touched by the amount of effort people will go to in making sure their kind donations reach me safely. This one was hand delivered in a car park this afternoon.


This one caught my eye first, as something that might contain pre-craft fair inspiration before my first event of the festive season. I have some new ideas for this year but it’s always good to invite inspiration when the opportunity arises. I haven’t had chance to look inside properly yet but I am sure I will be dipping into this one first to fire my imagination. There are a few on this theme so I think this will be an afternoon’s worth of research in one sitting.


The idea of creating on a budget really appeals to me so this cover holds the promise of potential projects for the craft group. As we are currently completely self-funded, we rely on recycling and donations for our craft materials. So far this has worked really well for us. However, as I mentioned before, thinking of sustainable projects for every week requires more thought as time goes on, and so I am hoping that this book will be particularly useful.


I have come across this project book before, it appears to be stuffed with suggestions for things to make for yourself or as gifts, so could be a great reference book for some of our more ambitious endeavours and to share with the group. I have flicked through it this evening and some of the makes are pretty simple, and will also work well with recycled and reclaimed materials, so it look like it might get quite a bit of use in the run up to Christmas. 


There are still quite a few book titles to explore, and I am sure I will get to them all eventually. I know there is definitely one that my good friends at Two Little Magpies will LOVE! The rest of my evening will be spent poring over the sheets of nostalgia in this fabulously orange covered guide to collecting 70s memorabilia. As far as I am concerned this is perfect eye candy for a lazy Sunday evening, whilst I lounge on the sofa with a sleeping cat snuggled by my side.


Kindness offsets the unpleasantness in the world, it reminds you how many really good people there are out there. And I really believe that kindness can create even more kindness. 


Until next week

keep showing kindness

The Bee


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