Making a Home

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We have been in our house just over a week now and it’s really starting to take shape! It is quite amazing how quickly we have fallen into a new routine, and the new place really does feel like our home already. Timmy says he likes is here too because he has lots of warm spots to curl up in.


The bedroom curtain rail was installed today, which means we may not be awoken at 5:30am now we have some proper curtains! Also this beautifully handmade shelf, by Mr Bee, got put up in the hall today, after many years of not having anywhere suitable to hang out in the old house. 


We have adapted to our new space really well, apart from our huge corner sofa, our collection of furniture has all fit in where we wanted it to be. There have been a couple of new additions, like this comfy swivel chair that provides the armchair DJ of the house with the right kind of access to the vinyl collection that will shortly be adorning those purpose built shelves. Putting rooms together like this has been the fun bit that has made the upheaval almost worthwhile.


And finding spaces for my large retro crockery has been rather easy in the spacious kitchen, just perfect for entertaining – which just happens to be painted in a fabulous bright orange! I think it has given me a new appreciation for the objects that I have collected over time and I am enjoying how they look in our new home. The house has a good vibe about it. There is a definite sense that it has been lived in and loved by all that nested within it’s walls.


Today we had our first visitors and was the first time, since moving here, that I sat back and appreciated the home we have begun to create here. With family members dotted about the place in jovial conversation over tea and cake, I was reminded what a home is for. More than just a place of shelter and somewhere to keep you safe, a home is the place where your loved ones can find you. It is your retreat from the rest of the world, but you also welcome others to share.


I had a wonderful afternoon with my family around me. Generations bound together with kindness and love. And what could be more special than a handpicked garden bouquet from a five year old’s hand.



Until next week

stay sweet

and treasure what you have

The Bee


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