‘The law of sharing: When you share goodness with others, the universe responds by gifting you with even more goodness to share. Pretty soon you are overflowing and the world around you much is warmer and brighter’.


This was the quote that Sarah of Open House posted on the facebook page after the event. And she is one of those generous people who does share, she and the rest of the volunteers give their precious time each week, to offer support to many women, who are at some point on their recovery from postnatal depression. That appreciation was shown clearly by those in attendance yesterday.


On Saturday morning I woke up with a distinct feeling that it was going to be a great day! I had helped to recruit a few stallholders and was particularly excited about seeing it all put together, as well as getting the chance to see most of the amazing women I worked with on the photography exhibition, over two years ago, that reappeared this October. It was also a great occasion to catch up with some creatives that I hadn’t seen for a while. 


One of these talented people was Milly of Millykins, who knits the most delightful vintage hats, mittens and cardigans (among other things) everything is just so adorable I always want to buy something from her beautiful display. In case you are wondering…I bought the yellow bobble hat in the centre and it is so snuggly. I also got to see the wonderful recycled work of Julie of Jean-Cycled up close. Her sweet bears and rabbits are so skillfully made and my little nieces fell in love with them and gave one of each a new home.


I was also really pleased to finally get to meet Stella of Cracking Glass. Also a recycler, there are examples of her stunning work in the craft room that I use for the Monday Night ‘Bee Creative’ sessions. I was so entranced by these delicate retro flowers that I had to take a few away with me. I think they would look amazing in my garden against the dark green foliage when Spring returns. They will also provide me with a touch of Winter colour when I look out of my kitchen window now.


 By far the best thing about yesterday’s event for me though, wasn’t the steady stream of lovely customers or the delicious home made cake, nor was it the lively display that the belly dancers put on for us, though they all added to the experience. It was the fact that the craft group had their first ever stall and they made quite a few sales!  For one of the ladies, it was her first ever stall and I could almost feel her ‘happy dance.’


Her work is always so finely stitched, and her attention to detail often astounds me when she brings examples of what she has been making to the group. This jewel centred beaded brooch was a perfect addition to my astrakhan coat and the back is just as beautifully finished as the front.

I have come to realise just how much joy running the ‘Bee Creative’ sessions has given me this year, and I would really like to spend more time building on this. The group has become so much more than just sharing my knowledge with people, I have been trying to give them useful skills to take with them.


Also yesterday, I had a sense that this was to be my last stall for a while, in fact I genuinely feel that the making and selling of recycled bags and purses has reached it’s natural conclusion. So I am closing the web shop, taking a break and considering my next steps. I have had seven years of sharing the honey bee brand with you lovely people and it has been great! But as I said earlier this year, this is a year of big changes for this bee…


and maybe I just need some time to explore new things.

So until next week

Keep sharing

The Bee