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It’s been a much quieter week this week, no sewing at all…not a sausage! Have no fear though, I am not slacking! There have been plenty of other things to keep me busy and I felt the need to be kind to myself after a full-on couple of weeks before last week’s event.


It’s back to the machine on Tuesday though, to replenish some of the smaller stock that sold at Sherwood for this weekend’s wonderful fundraiser organised by Open House. This year their Christmas event is focused on raising funds for the Mother and Baby Unit at the QMC a place very dear to the Open House ladies.


As you may be aware, this is a charity that I have supported for a while and actually sowed the seeds for the Monday night Bee Creative craft therapy sessions. These weekly meet-ups are run as guided sessions and it has been so rewarding to see how much some of the participants confidence has grown. So much so, that some of them will be having their first stall at this event, which I am quite excited about!


The group has been running at Middle Street Resource Centre since June this year and we have discovered some real talent in there! We have done everything from origami to printmaking and have learned how to make professional cards as well as gift boxes and recycled paper gift bags. However, some of the group have also brought in their own knitting and crochet work and it has been of such a high standard that they have been given the opportunity to sell it at this year’s Open House event.


Here are some thoughts from women who are now recovered to explain why Mother and Baby Units are so important to women after childbirth.

“Tbh when I first got admitted I didn’t really know what was happening or even care.after the settling in stage I realised I was ill and needed help. The staff are amazing..more like friends to chat with. I had my baby with me and they helped me try and bond with him.after a few months in the unit (I was very ill) I started to notice other patients..how ill they seemed and how down they were. This made me and the staff realise I was slowly recovering ready for home release. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the best experience of my life..but was the best care for me at that time in my life. Even after 16 years I still remember it and think about it every day” (Lisa)

It’s amazing what the Open House Ladies have achieved over the past five years in their quest to offer peer support to women who, like them, are suffering symptoms of postnatal depression. 

“The MBU 3 and a half years ago following an extremely challenging HG pregnancy that culminated in a severe depressive episode. Upon admission to the unit I was extremely unwell; I was desperately low, totally unable to function and a risk to myself.

The MBU means so much to me because, well, I simply don’t know if I’d be here without it. The compassion, care and kindness shown by all of the staff – perinatal specialists – meant that they knew exactly how to help and support me in my darkest hour. They provided the nurturing environment that I needed whilst I was in the midst of the most frightening experience of my life. They looked after me and my precious baby girl and I am eternally grateful to them. Facilities like these are just so important; I feel extremely fortunate living in Nottingham as I was able to gain access to excellent specialist care.

My baby is now 3 and a half years old. Along with her sister, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The MBU was an important stepping stone in my journey; I have since made a full recovery and the unit was integral to this.” (Jenny)

It is hard to imagine what difficult journeys these women have endured for many, but these stories of resilience and strength never fail to touch my heart so whenever I am able I will get involved. 


I am delighted to be having a stall this year, and that Mr Bee will be joining me again for the afternoon, and that is not just for the excellent home baked cake! It truly is such a positive family event, with lots of handcrafted makes, treats, a tombola, bouncy castle (kids only) and this year they even have a belly dancing too! I am looking forward to swivelling my hips as I eat my lemon drizzle.

So until next week

stay sweet

and be kind to yourself

The Bee


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