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After I got over the initial slump after last weekend’s event the week turned out to be pretty good! The pace at work is much slower now and I have only two weeks to go until I leave for good! The decision to leave school before my funding disappeared altogether was a difficult one… I loved my job, but the right one.


I am now thrilled by the new and exciting opportunity that presented itself to me at the end of last year and I have been working towards ever since. I think the second half of this year is going to be full of adventure! I am also thrilled to be in the fortunate position of working part-time for a while, which means I will have more time to spend on other interests. I have been putting my energy into many things and now some of those are now really taking off!


One of these is the ‘Bee Creative’ craft sessions that I started on a monthly basis over two years ago and are still going strong. I am now running these weekly at Middle Street Resource Centre with a focus on community and well-being. We are now three weeks in and last week I think we had fifteen people sat around the big craft table eager to learn something new and socialise over a cuppa. The sessions are free and booking is not required, people can drop in anytime from 7pm – 9pm. 


One of the best things about last week’s event was the interest and visitors to the Remarkable Recycling Gala showed in my work. Due to time constraints, being the main organiser and all that, I didn’t feel that I had the very best examples of what I make on my stall but it really did renew my enthusiasm for recycling and creating and has given me ideas for where I might like to go next with honey bee. A while ago I was really starting to expand my range but things went a little awry.


Finding out that my job was under threat really threw me, and though it really doesn’t matter now that I have a new job, I think I lost focus somewhat. Nevertheless, I kept a lot of things going and it would seem that some of these are now going to factor into my future, possibly more than I had originally thought too. Having more time will give me space to build on these and perhaps I will now be able to realise some of the bigger projects I have often pondered.


The organic garden I set up a couple of years ago is still growing, this year I have added brussel sprouts to my repertoire! It still feels good to get out in the garden and has been great therapy when I have been a little overwhelmed with trying to balance everything. It has also been a bit of a lifesaver on occasions where there has been too much month left at the end of the money, especially as I had Spring vegetables to enjoy this year too.


And so, whilst I steadily adjust to this new stage in my life, I am going to make sure that I spend a little time catching up on the things that I love before things get busy again.


Until next week

Stay sweet

and take it easy

The Bee


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