Recycled Goodness!

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Another week of sorting and packing and we are still no closer to finding a new home, I am sure it is out there somewhere though! The vintage rail is looking pretty full though and there is a definite pile of other retro goodies for people to pore over as they pay a visit to the Vintage Bazaar next Sunday. I am really looking forward to it actually!


Another positive at the moment is the regular Monday night
Bee Creative Community Workshop sessions. Team teaching with Kay has been brilliant, but also the group themselves are proving to be such a fantastic bunch of people that it never feels like a chore after a long day at work. 


The sessions have been very well attended all through winter and as well as the enthusiastic buzz they all bring with them, more often than not there is also someone that brings a sweet treat to share. Some sessions stand out more than others as being pretty special experiences, mainly because of the participants delight at what they have produced sometimes.


This session was all about recycling to produce a piece of beautiful artwork and they pulled it off so well! What is making me really happy though, is that almost a year on we are still running them with absolutely no funding assistance and use only donated or reclaimed materials, which has allowed me to keep up the recycling ethos that is so important to me.


I literally turned up for this session with a bag stuffed full of old school library books, some recycled card, glue-sticks, tubes of paint and brushes. I also provided some templates for ideas, just to help get them started. Tearing up paper and sticking it onto a piece of a card is surprisingly therapeutic, the sense of calm in the room was noticeable in the first half an hour. I like observing how different people interpret the creative task, there are always many variations on a theme.


I loved how Kay left some of the pale blue card showing through her collaged background so that it looked like her penguins were in the North Pole. Many people made creative use of the templates and those that weren’t so confident with their painting abilities chose to carefully cut out the silhouettes and stick them on too. I find the action of using a  paintbrush quite relaxing and was pleased to find that many of the group felt the same.


Watching Claire blocking out her background with book pages, old sheet music and textured paper, I knew she was planning something a little different. Inspired by the silhouette of the yoga pose, she collected some positive messages to dot around the figure to build on the theme. What I enjoyed most though was that she then added the bird on a branch at the top, which was then adorned with a small metal birdcage that she found in a box of broken jewellery.


One of the most amazing things about this group though, has to be how they now share ideas and techniques, welcome newcomers to the group and support each other with their creations. This pretty picture was almost a cut and stick job, but encouraged by another person in the group she decided to brave it with the paint brush. She took her time to layer the paint thinly so that it dried and was not patchy. It was so rewarding to see how happy she was with the end result.


How wonderful are these going to look once they are framed?

I am so pleased with how the Bee Creative project has gone that I am going to increasing my commitment to this area of teaching this year. Watch this space, as they say.

Until next week

Keep recycling

The Bee


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