Recycling Gala is Go!

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Wow…that week went fast! It was the first week back at the day job and once I got into the swing of things, it wasn’t bad at all. It was great to see the students again and work with them on their revision plans for their final exams and it is that sense of purpose drags me out of bed at 6:20 am on these cold dark mornings.


 Also, the new year brings good news regarding one of my favourite events of the year The Remarkable Recycling Gala. Due to increased commitments Greg, the guy who has organised it since its conception three years ago, was concerned that he would not have the time this year. Also, the current venue for the event was unavailable and it was proving difficult to find another one suitable and it was looking like it might not go ahead at all.


Thankfully, because of the support the gala has drummed up by its current success, a willing group of volunteers has stepped forward to assist Greg and the organisers of Sherwood Art Week, which the Gala is a big part of, it will be happening after all! You might not be surprised to hear that myself and Mr Bee have agreed to take on some responsibilities this year, we couldn’t sit back and let it not happen. Hopefully we will be meeting with the team of volunteers soon, so that we can find out who is doing what.


What this means is that I will need to start a little earlier with the making for it this year, so have spent the afternoon pottering around in the sewing room getting some ideas together for projects that maximise opportunities for recycling. The first things that caught my eye were these sweet little shells that I collected on a beach in the South of France and I already know what I have planned for these. The holes in the top of them will make it easy to  stitch them onto something.


I also came across this lovely set of beautiful wooden dice, which I have used plastic versions of in past makes but not for a while. They are such bold colours that I am sure they will make a bright edition to a faded denim bag, they are a fun alternative to buttons fasteners. I have also some game pieces, badges and key rings that go as far back as the 70s! So keep an eye out for some of those appearing on my facebook page soon.


These rather fetching ‘golfing trousers’ have been hanging around on the sewing room for quite a while now, awaiting inspiration. Although you probably can’t see too well in the pick, they have a burnt orange stripe running through them which makes them that bit more quirky then your average checked trouser. I have an idea in my head of what I will be making them into, when I have chopped off the frayed bottoms.


This pile of complimentary bits and pieces was something I pondered on in the Summer holidays ( I think) and never actually got around to making. It is a collection of donated children’s clothing that have seen better days, but together they will be upcycled into something that will be practical as well as incredibly cute, I hope! I might even be able  to make use of one of those dice and some of those badges on this ‘little bee’ bag.


It’s good to have things to work towards and look forward to at this time of year. This event is one I always prepare for in anticipation, as it is the main opportunity I get to share both my recycling ethos and upcycling skills with others who really get it! So I am really glad it will be happening, and to be a part of the team that will make it happen.


Time for a bit of relaxation before another busy week unravels in front of me.

Until next week

Keep sweet

The Bee



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