Routine Behaviour

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I am not a fan of routine generally, I find it restrictive and after a short while I get that groundhog day feeling, but it does really help me get stuff done! I was a bit like the stereotypical butterfly at the beginning of the year, big changes throwing me out of my usual routine.


I embrace change, which is probably why I have had so many different jobs and loved working in a school for so long. It’s true no two days are ever the same in a school, however  the mental conditioning that the rigid timetable and regular bells, signifying when to have cuppa, go to the loo or have your lunch was more routine than I could stand after a while. And yet that compartmentalised routine definitely allowed me to extend my sewing hobby into a small business, especially as I always knew there was a holiday coming up.


I feel like I am settling into a new order of things since leaving the school last summer. Strictly speaking I can go into the office any day of the week but I have settled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday as it both breaks up the week nicely and lets people know when they can reach me. I love that this is flexible though. I am also really enjoying the transition to freelance, that brings with it both the responsibility to ensure that I have enough work buts also the freedom to choose where I put my energy. I feel in control of my own destiny again!


With that in mind, those late nights at the laptop and creating have returned. Now that I no longer HAVE to be up at certain time for most of the week, there is no need to cut off my creative flow because it’s officially bed time. I am not quite at the swigging neat bourbon as I agonise over what to write yet, but it makes a difference being relaxed about it all. I am working on a few projects at the moment, so it is really good to have uninterrupted time to ponder and revisit what I have written.


In order for this luxury time to happen though, I have to make sure I get the chores and obligations out of the way first. This again leads back to having something of a routine, oh and discipline…and making sure I get in a nice long nap every now and again. As I stumble towards fifty I am aware that I don’t have the energy I used to,  so I really need those naps! I find Sunday afternoons the perfect time generally, but I will take one at anytime to be honest, especially as I am just about to launch something quite big and exciting for me.


So love it or hate it, routine can be considered a necessary evil, they key is to make it seem less boring. I think the main trick is to make sure you still have those occasional days where you turn off the alarm and have no plans.



So until next week

stay sweet

and get stuff done!

The Bee


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