Seasonal Adjustment

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The blog is back!

It’s hard to believe that we have been back in the UK for a week already. Just over a week ago, we were enjoying the warm evening sun at La Franqui beach after daytime temperatures in the high twenties.


Nevertheless, I feel as though I am making that transition in to autumn well, albeit a bit of a shock when we got off the plane to torrential rain and gales so string that they brought down tree branches!


The first thing we did when we got back home was work out how the heating works at the new place and cranked it up off to ward off chills. I also made a curry, packed with vitamins, chilli, onions and garlic to scare off any potential cold germs picked up on the flight. Inspired by my friend in France’s love of cooking, I have also been flicking through my cookery books for seasonal recipes to warm the heart and satisfy the soul. I am not the most amazing cook but I do love preparing meals for others to enjoy too, as does Mr Bee who has recently started making delicious pizzas from scratch.


I have also been sorting out my wardrobe, putting away my shorts and summer tops and rediscovering leggings and cosy cardigans. Finding myself lacking in things to snuggle in after a nice hot soak in the darkening evenings, I have spent my free time making myself some comfy pyjama bottoms out of some of the fabulous fabrics I have in my remaining fabric stash. This pretty blue fabric came from a second hand market in the South of France and I picked it up on one of my previous visits. I was delighted to discover I had enough left to make myself a second pair following the success of last week.


Making the house feel cosy has also been on my agenda. Having bare windows in all but one of the upstairs rooms, I set to work making this quick pair of curtains for one of the spare rooms. They were actually a very funky pair of curtains already but they were far too short! I thought that by adding a contrasting band of fabric in the middle, I could adjust them to fit. I picked up on the brownish shade in the original curtains and chose one of my favourite geometric patterns, this honeycomb print. I should perhaps of lined it first, as it the centre panel does show a fair bit of light through, but I kind of like the effect.


I love the changes that autumn brings, cooler mornings and warm sunny afternoons with sunlight enhancing the hot hues of the leaves. And as the sun sets on my home town of Beeston, I feel I am settling into a new groove. The ‘hazy, lazy days of summer’ are definitely gone to be replaced with something a bit more bracing, but I think it’s this fresh start to the day which stirs up the busy bee in me. With new projects for Bee Creative on the horizon it seems October is going to be a month of new beginnings and planning for events.


October sees us making changes to how we are running our Monday night sessions, to accommodate our growing group and begin to mentor those who would like to run sessions in the future.

Until next week

keep it cosy

and stay sweet

The Bee


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