A Spare Twenty Minutes

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Well I hope you have all been enjoying the glorious weather this weekend, I know I have. Despite having to work for much of the weekend, there have been many highlights, and having a little time to sit with the bees in the garden and enjoy a cuppa or two has been one of them. 


An early start wake up call from a devious kitty got me out of bed far earlier than I needed to on a Sunday but I am secretly glad he did. It was such a bright start to a busy day that I was pleased to lounge outside, under a canopy of birds, sipping tea and contemplating. 


We all hung out there together this morning, which is common now the weather is warmer, even the old boy likes to find his place in the sun. Although this morning he much preferred if from the other side of the patio doors. It is a perfect spot to read, listen to vinyl, fold origami, watch the bees buzz over the hot pink cloud of scented geraniums and enjoy the tranquility. It’s my oasis of calm and sometimes I even start the blog from there, blissfully immersed in nature.


It is almost perfect, except for one thing…



the big ugly lump of tarpaulin and rocks I now commonly call ‘the stegosaurus of doom.’


It is a necessity that I share my tranquil little garden space with this unwieldy beast as what lies beneath the army issue khaki is treasure that is getting harder and harder to find, reclaimed wood. Mr Bee lovingly rescued this pile of old pine from a skip around the corner that contained the beams and floorboard joists from a house renovation, much sought after in the salvage wood business. But although I try to ignore it and spurn it by facing the other way, it’s an eyesore I would rather not have to look at.


I have resigned myself to the fact that it is going nowhere fast as a parade of recycled skateboard items enter the house in all their multi-coloured splendour, not until someone commissions an antique pine desk or dresser anyway. But as I was putting away a some washing that I had left out to dry in the afternoon sunshine, I was struck by a simple solution that presented itself to me first as an empty clothes horse and then as a brightly coloured screen!


It took less that twenty minutes as the homemade pasta sauce was bubbling away on the stove top this evening, to run up an effective and eye-catching fabric screen from this off-cut of fabric that someone kindly donated last year. I realised, after I made it, that in my haste I had not noticed that the birds are precarious hanging on their branches as the pattern is landscape instead of portrait, but I don’t mind. It doesn’t really match the rest of the fabrics in my garden either, but that’s ok.


I will just have to make a cushion out of the remaining fabric and rectify the problem…


It does the job though, my view has been instantly improved! And the beauty of it is that the cover can be slipped off so that the clothes horse can still be folded away, or used for its rightful purpose when needed.


I think the lesson learned this week is no obstacle is insurmountable and one we should perhaps bear in mind in light of this week’s news. 

So until next week

stay positive

The Bee


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