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 As I sit down to write this week’s blog post, I am hoping that the bank holiday weekend has given you all a little time off to spend with your families, or catching up on something that you love doing but don’t have so much time for when you are working. 


I have certainly felt the benefit of a long weekend followed by a slightly less hectic schedule, as some of my students are away, and have been reflecting on how many great independent shops, cafes, bars and restaurants we have to choose from in our vibrant little town and have been paying some of them a timely visit this week.


As I have probably mentioned before, I try to avoid shopping at ‘big faceless corporations’ as much as possible where I can and much prefer spending money at the independents where my money is funding local people. By doing this, I feel that I am benefiting the local economy as well and hopefully helping to keep these businesses thriving. We are fortunate to be living next to Beeston train station at the moment, so popping into the city widens our indie opportunities.


Today we decided to treat ourselves to lunch in the city before going to see ‘Isle of Dogs’ at Broadway Cinema, if you haven’t yet seen it then you really should – it is visually stunning and morally compelling. There are SO many eateries to choose from in Nottingham, many independent and providing a more interesting experience than large chains. One place that we have remained fiercely loyal to though is Kiosk as it is run by a good friend of ours, and it’s a great place!


Secreted at the back of Cobden Chambers you would be forgiven for walking right past if you didn’t know where to look. Once you have ducked into the well-postered entry you will soon find yourself in a colourful courtyard where street art and potted marigolds sit comfortably together. The welcome is as warm as the coffee, and who wouldn’t feel reassured with a ‘shopping llama’ and ‘majestic pigeon’ looking over you as you enjoy your lovingly prepared locally sourced food…?

As I said in my review of 2015,

“we have followed Beth from the beginning, when she used to do pop-up restaurants around the city, we even had one of our own. She is a creative cook with original ideas that develop into fabulously mouthwatering dishes! The Kiosk is a cool but cosy hang out and offers an intimate dining experience, our only complaint is that we don’t live closer.”

but this was before Kiosk moved from Sherwood into the city in 2016 (I think) and things have progressed a LOT since then. 


Kiosk now shares a space with Think in NG and is part of and ‘independent workspace’ which facilitates other up and coming businesses by holding pop-up shops and other events that showcase local talent as well as offering expert advice on how to make a fledgling business work. It has a great feel about it, part of this created by their predecessors who completely renovated the industrial space into something comfortable and inviting, which has been added to.


There was one of these promotion events on today, Spring Open Exhibition, Cover Versions. Local artists have been challenged to create work the size of an LP cover in any medium of their choice which will be judged at the end of the exhibition and there will be a winner.


The work is for sale and I would say there is pretty much something to please everybody! I was really pleased to see a vibrant canvas by Faye Baines – Artist, who I have met quite a few times and whose work I have always admired. The work on display is so varied and of such a high quality, and I have to admit it did make me want to get out my paintbrushes again. I think I would need a fair bit of practice but I would
enjoy having a go I am sure!


Here are just some of the amazing creations you can see on show, aren’t they fabulous?! Which one is your favourite..?

One of the things that excites me the most about moving to a new house is that it is just like a blank canvas, and I am really going to enjoy making my mark on it. Just three weeks to go folks!

Until next week

keep supporting those independents

and stay creative

The Bee


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