Summer’s Coming…

By on May 28, 2018 in news | 0 comments

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Well I am still painting things blue and working on creating a colourful and relaxing garden outside space, but also this week we have been unpacking the last room full of boxes. This will be our shared office/creative space and should be all set up by the end of this week.


By that time we will have been in our new home a whole month! How quickly time passes when you are working and creating a new home. It’s time to start to relax and enjoy it now, you know dinner al fresco and food with friends, but we also need some time away. There is still lots to do, Mr Bee needs to finish rebuilding his workshop and start work on a new commission, but it’s important to remember to take some time out too. 



So we took advantage of the free ‘street food’  festival that was happening in our town yesterday afternoon and had a great time catching up with friends, drinking cold beer in the sunshine and enjoying the live entertainment in some of the bars. I tried jack fruit for the first time and really quite liked it, as well as sampling the summer cocktails at The Berliner. It wasn’t overly busy but there was a great atmosphere. I managed to take a few snaps to capture the mood.


There are quite a few interesting community festivals on over the summer in Beeston and as the exam period is nearly over, I am determined to get out and about at what I feel is the most sociable time of the year. I had such a great afternoon that I totally forgot it was Sunday, and that I had a blog to write…


can’t you tell summer’s coming?

Until next week

take time out 

and stay sweet

The Bee


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