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I have been feeling much better this week and the machine has been humming away, and not just to sew up the fabric I printed last week either! I realised that I had no unisex bags in my stock so I ran a few up in reclaimed denim…


and broke a few needles in the process.


However, it was far too sunshiny to stay indoors today so after a morning of tutoring I went outside to connect with nature. We are incredibly fortunate to have so many green spaces surrounding us in Beeston but today it felt like ‘a stroll by the river’ afternoon. There is definitely something calming about being near water, it was a chilly but still day and really pleasant in the sunshine. Leaves have fallen and bushes are starting to brown before Autumn completely sets them on fire. It was a glorious afternoon well spent.


The plan when I got up early this morning, fortified by an extra hour of sweet sleep, was to get back at noon then straight into the sewing room. Unfortunately though, I had already had a taste of sun on my face on my short cycle ride to one of my student’s houses and knew that I would spend at least the first hour gazing periodically out of the sewing room window and flitting restlessly around, achieving very little. The patio doors were open as I updated my records on the laptop and enjoyed another cuppa, listening to the birds tempting me outdoors.


The hours of daylight are getting shorter and today it was going to get darker sooner, I absolutely felt like I should take advantage of such bright and beautiful day. 


We are lucky to live just ten minutes walk from this nature reserve and on a clear day you can see for miles across the fields. Clouds rested high up in true blue skies and dampened grass was deep green like thick carpet on the riverbanks. 



With only two weeks to go before my biggest event of the year, I really should have been sewing through my list, but I am far too relaxed to worry about that now. I mean there is always tomorrow right…?

Until next week

take time to take things easy

and stay sweet

The Bee


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