The Bigger Picture

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It is so easy to get whipped up into a whirlwind of work, chores and obligations. Even if you like the work you do, that coupled with everything else you do to make your life run smoothly, can eat away at time leaving very little behind for more relaxing pursuits. 


Since finding out that I was losing half of my job last year, and the growing feeling that it may well disappear altogether, I have been making plans to secure a new job. It all started when a colleague, that I barely knew at the time, announced she was leaving to set up her own tutoring business and asked if I was interested in working for her. I saw an opportunity. If I retained my current part-time job in the school I could take on some students to tutor to make up the shortfall.


It has worked well, a little too well in fact and I know have so many students to see in a week that I have increased my hours to 41 a week, as of next week. You will not be surprised to hear then that I am finding little time to create at the moment. I did make rather a promising start and in February was blogging about the new range I had been making for little bees. But since that I haven’t managed more that an hour a week in the sewing room, and it also where I do my ironing!


I have either been too busy or too knackered, and Thursday night’s Recycling Gala meeting actually caused a little panic when one of the organisers asked me when I actually had time to make. In truth I don’t at the moment. I had to ask myself, what have I done? I have gone from cutting down my hours and having more time to create to filling days off, evenings and weekends with tutoring sessions. My only real day off is Friday and when it got to this Friday I felt I should spend at least part of the day sewing.


I didn’t though, I slept in. Then I lay in bed until 11 with a cuppa and good book, I had delicious dippy eggs for brunch and watched a film on the sofa under my favourite quilt. Then I had a long soak in the bath whilst indulging myself in more reading and tuning into the birds singing outside the steamy window, sounds of Spring calling. After that I sat propped up on the bed painting my nails accompanied by the voice of Leonore from The Soundcarriers and read some more.


In the evening, I cooked a healthy veggie stir fry and pottered into Beeston for an evening of craft and chat with the Bee Creatives at Two Little Magpies. Once again, someone else was leading the session so I was presented with an opportunity to learn something new. Although I had tried my hand at crochet before, my hands did not seem to want to co-ordinate themselves very well and it wasn’t an entirely successful venture. 



In other words, I had a day to myself. A day to do exactly what I felt like, when I felt like, and it felt amazingly good. I am always so busy, rushing from one place to the next, planning my next session or coordinating meetings that I have filled up all my time, but it will be worth it. This is all part of the greater plan and just a temporary phase that I am in. You could say I am making a few sacrifices in order to make some big gains. As you will have read in a recent blog, this is definitely a year for change.


And in any case, the Easter holidays are just around the corner…


Saturday, after a two hour tutoring session and a meander along the pretty route to the shops, I spent the afternoon practising my crochet skills and I am getting better! As well as meeting up with a great bunch of people, and a social drink after the session, I got a lot out of the workshop. Now if I could just make my left hand behave and get my tension right. Today has been slightly busier, with two tutoring sessions and catching up with work stuff but I made time to sit by the lake and enjoy a milky coffee with Mr Bee.


What this week has shown me is however busy I am now, I just have to keep in sight the ‘bigger picture’ and remind myself that I have a plan. I also need to prompt myself to take a break when I need one so that I can last the distance.

So until next week

bee kind to yourself

and stay sweet

The Bee


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