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It’s December! Having spent the afternoon in a local pub surrounded by twinkling lights and festive candles, it definitely feels as though the warm glow of Christmas is starting to fill everyone’s hearts. There are many houses that are decorated already as it would seem that people are doing their best to make sure this year ends on a high.

Christmas cards


This weekend saw the second of the two Christmas events that I have done this year and it was a great day! If like me you love vintage then you will LOVE Maria Narducci’s Vintage Bazaar as she knows how to bring good folk together to celebrate the joy of retro and vintage.



The venue was pretty incredible too! Full of nooks and long corridors, there were stalls at every turn, a vintage beauty parlour and a gin wagon too! It is always good to connect with people who have a genuine passion for preserving things from the past and this event had plenty of those. A well as rails of beautifully restored clothing, there were lots of other collectables on display.



I think there is something pretty special about collecting stuff that has a past. I like to know the history of objects when I see them and am fascinated by the stories that lay within their built to last exteriors. I always tend to think of ‘old stuff’ as well made with love and care, in a time where we looked after our belongings and weren’t replacing them newer versions all the time like we seem to do now. 


CutleryEach table was adorned with well preserved goods that yearned to be appreciated, like cutlery that came in velvet lined boxes and was lovingly polished and returned after use. I especially enjoy sliding heavy wooden hangers, with vintage garments hanging from them, along the steel rails to admire their workmanship and attention to detail. There were several such rails to peruse at this fair.


Tea towel cushions
There was a fair bit of vintage upcycling too, which is always of particular interest to me. I loved how the lady had expertly made these vintage tea towels into very usable cushion covers, and was secretly glad that I only had one at the back of my stall as she had done them so much better than I had. There were also some rather fabulous vintage fabric lampshades on offer, which caught my eye.


Jodi-Jo RetroI was also pleased to see Ticking Stripes on the stall behind me, a lovely lady who I haven’t had the opportunity to chat with for a very long time and who’s stash of vintage fabrics always grabs my attention. And I was really excited to meet Jodi Jo Retro, someone I have been following for ages on facebook and had travelled all the way down from Stockport for the day with her vintage inspired bags and wall hangings.


The workshop went very well too! The lovely Rachel, one of our ‘Bee Creative’ members, volunteered to help out and had a very busy time with the morning shift. I took over at lunchtime, whilst Mr Bee looked after the shared stall, and Morag of Morag’s Crafts dropped in for the late shift. We met some marvellous people and made some of them feel very accomplished as they walked away with their festive paper flowers.


Fold yourself happy!

I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into my festive preparations now. Although we don’t like to go overboard with presents and decorations, it is a time where we get to spend a little time reflecting on how lucky we are and to spend time with those people who mean the most to us.


Next weekend Lucy of Two Little Magpies is hosting our Mind Crafternoon, where we will be throwing down the festive gauntlet and making all things Christmassy with a group of lovely peeps.

Until then

stay sweet

and value what you have

The Bee


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