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Another week closer to moving and the house is looking quite bare now. I have got that taking down the Christmas decorations, new year, new start feeling and am buzzing with anticipation of what our new abode will bring.



Keeping all the plates spinning feels particularly tricky at the moment, but the closer we get to leaving this house the clearer the ending becomes, and I really felt as though I could take some time out this weekend. Instead of empty shelves and bare walls, I see new possibilities and different ways to arrange my treasured possessions. I am also reminded of how little we had when we first moved in here, and how we created the home we love together. We will do that again.


So without much planning at all, usually the way we do things around here, we hopped on the train on Saturday morning and travelled across to Lincoln for no reason other than it seemed like as good a place to go as any – it is also a direct route from Beeston and just over an hour away! Apart from the awesome cathedral, at the top of ‘Steep Hill,’ it has a well kept arboretum which is perfect for walks, picnics and and bumble bee watching.



I still get excited when I hear and see the first spring bees and love to watch them go about their buzzy business. The vibrating hum heard from inside the butter yellow bell of this daffodil was music to my eager ears. Sitting on the grass is not the best idea, for an early hay fever sufferer like myself, but I feel so much closer to all the goodness nature provides when I am at ground level. It also highlights how delicate the petals are when the sunlight shines through them.


Of course being such a beautiful spring day, it would have been rude not to have taken advantage of the pub garden opportunity we passed on our way up the hill. It is amazing how just a few hours of sunshine can iron out the creases a testing week can leave behind, or maybe that was just the pint of cold lager I consumed as I was sitting there. Cloud watching always does seem that bit more magical with just a little softening around the edges I feel.


As does flipping through album covers from past lives in different cities, triggering memories of the tiny flat above a hairdressers and that long drive along the Norfolk coast one endless summer. Places represent experiences to me. I enjoyed holding hands across the table on the train, facing each other, sharing stories and laughter. The journey is all part of this experience, laid back travelling, encased in a busy bustling train carriage immersed in each other’s company.


This was a day of just ‘hanging out,’ doing nothing in particular, in unfamiliar surroundings and taking the day as it comes. 



It was a really good job that there were only buds on on the hedgerows that make up this maze though, or I might have lost him…

until next week

remember to take it easy, life is not a race

and stay sweet

The Bee


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