The Little Things…

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This week my attention has been turned back to making the new house into our home. Adding those little touches that make it feel more homely and a little more to my taste.



Invariably, whether you rent a house or buy a house, you often inherit someone else’s taste along with a new set of keys. This house is actually quite neutral. It has some interesting features and bags of character and has been easy to slot our collection of furniture, pictures and ornaments into. I really does feel like home.


However, there has been one little thing that has been niggling me since I moved in and I am happy to say that this week it got sorted. Seahorses…now I am as fond off the elegant sea creature as the next person, but I am still struggling to see the need for 3 inch high metal ones as handles on bathroom cabinets. Aside from their sharp points, which make them quite uncomfortable to grasp, they are also rather too ‘bling’ for me. They are accompanied by some smaller fish and a couple of starfish…


that were such a hazard we removed them from the overhead cabinet before any face-washing relating accidents occurred! I actually don’t mind the fish, even though they are all swimming dumbly in the same direction and towards the wall, but they had to go. You may have seen that I have been playing with Decopatch this week. If you have not used it before, it’s a thin decoupage paper that is designed to mould around corners and for more irregular shapes. Though you so have to be quite careful and use plenty of PVA as it can tear quite easily, and not too much PVA or you can end up decoupaging yourself!


It was messy fun though, and I enjoyed spending an afternoon perfecting the technique. I used a selection of patterns to add little dots of colour but my favourites have to be the mosaic and the retro flower prints. At just under six pounds for all nine knobs, it was just my kind of project. I mean who doesn’t love a bargain! The finish looked better than I thought it would, the wooden knobs actually look as though they have been painted and they are really quite smooth. I would like to try something similar on one of the Monday night craft sessions.


I also made time to pop over to Sherwood this week and have a leisurely lunch with my tuition colleague Jo. We made some time to stroll up and down Mansfield Road to take in the ‘Art in Shops’ for Sherwood Art Week. I was thrilled to see Kay’s origami display in the wholefood shop window. Now windows are notoriously difficult to photograph but I am sure you will agree how bright and cheerful it looks. As well as her signature butterfly, Kay has created a garden scene of tulips, bees and a cheeky rainbow coloured cat.



Another lovely friend, Jackie of Treehuggery, had a few cheery pieces in another window. As well as the joyful scenes cleverly created from recycled paper items and the odd bit of ironmongery, I love the fresh colour palette she uses and am delighted to own a special commissioned piece. There were many artists,some familiar and whose work I instantly recognised and then there were some that I hadn’t seen before, nevertheless the high standard of work on show could not be disputed and as usual there was a variety of styles.


Despite not being involved in this year’s art week, I am glad I didn’t miss out altogether and made it over for a short while this week. Just the sight of the pom-poms on railings makes me smile.


I am enjoying taking things a little slower for a while and hope to have a lot more creative time over the summer.

Until next week

Enjoy the little things

The Bee


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