The New Arrival

By on Dec 10, 2017 in environment, news | 2 comments

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It’s been a funny couple of weeks since I made the decision to wind up the honey bee brand but positive all the same. You know that feeling you get sometimes, that something is holding you back but you are not sure what…?


Well I really think it was the making and selling side of my page that just isn’t really working for me anymore. I have definitely been letting things slide in terms of making stock, updating the web shop and keeping on top of the marketing. 


It’s true I have been enjoying the making process, and I have produced some beautiful things this year in my little creative corner, but I am just not excited by making to sell anymore. With that in mind, it seems sensible to stop for a while and continue making ‘for me’ instead. I have a wealth of inspirational materials in the hive which I am sure I won’t be able to leave alone for very long, like these jars of vintage and handmade buttons that are so pleasing to the eye sitting on that shelf.


I have been delighted to the response to the facebook sale, nearly all the items were sold and with the twenty five percent donation to the Bee Creative Community project, you have helped me to raise £85 and change so far, which will go a long way in the new year! Determined to streamline operations in the hive, I have been in there most of the afternoon sorting,tidying and selecting the first lot of fabric to leave the hive. Two Little Magpies will be the first to receive a generous donation.


I am not in a desperate rush to get rid of fabric, but the hive had become rather overladen of late, due to me often finding it impossible to say ‘no’ to a generous gift of free fabric and things. I have reduced the denim mountain to one shelf, holding on to the ones that I can see myself using in the future, the rest have gone in the charity bag. I can see myself looking at legs of the folk of Beeston, hoping to catch a glimpse of my donated denim.


I will also be hanging on to a lot of my fabric. I have spent years collecting it and have some fabulous examples of favourite 1970s florals in amongst those shelves. It feels amazing that is all neat and ordered again and I can find what I am seeking without a military operation! I imagine that when the festivities are all over I will be looking to reduce these piles too but for now I am just happy that they are tidy again. 


There are also some treasures that have resurfaced that I am unsure what I will do with at the moment, like this collection of retro badges that I have been pinning onto my denim.creations over the years. I am sure there are quite a few I would like to keep though. I have been quite amazed at the memorabilia that I have collected in that little room and the boxes I have uncovered whilst sorting through things today. I am sure that the craft group will appreciate using some of them.


I will have to pack them all away for the time being anyway, as yesterday a new project arrived on the driveway. Under that dusting of snow lies a gorgeous green van, just waiting to be converted into a funky little camper van, and I shall be needing some of those fabrics for its equally funky interior. 



So until next week

keep believing in the beauty of your dreams

and stay sweet

The Bee



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