The Next Chapter

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Well it’s been a pretty eventful week in the hive. It began with the announcement of my new business venture Tuition Now, a small tuition company that seeks to address some of the issues that the current education system is throwing at our young people. With over 20 years experience of working in schools and education settings, I feel more than ready to have a go at changing the face of private tuition and making it accessible to all. 


I was overwhelmed with the messages of support when I published the page on Monday and felt pretty accomplished by the end of the day. And then there was Wednesday’s bombshell…


our landlord has decided that he wants to renovate his house and served us our two months notice via a standard telephone call from the letting agents. Whilst I don’t dispute that fact that it IS his house and he is at liberty to do what he wants with it, it was a kick in the guts to be told that after eleven years of being reliable and reasonable tenants that you are not worthy of a negotiable notice period. A bit of prior warning would have been helpful, it’s not as though we have been awkward tenants at any point.


Strangely, I had a inkling that this was going to happen in the near future, just not quite this soon and that our ‘good life’ at 209a Station Road would end quite so abruptly. But what can you do? Wallow in self pity and moan about it to everybody you meet until a day when you wonder why nobody calls round anymore? No, this kind of news requires moments of reflection and then some direct action! We have had too many amazing experiences in this house to taint them with negative thoughts and resentful feelings, time to move on.


We had a great gig here, and we knew it. Cheap rent in a house built in the 70s and pretty much untouched save for a royal blue 80s stair carpet and some laminate flooring. We couldn’t believe our luck when we came back from travelling to find a house to our taste, we could afford,  and  that came with a large garage that was ideal for a workshop. It will be real shame that the retro soul of the house will be ripped out in favour of serviceable flooring, wipe clean walls and gleaming white tiles but I guess he is just protecting his investment.


With so little time, we can’t rely on the fact that we will find another house with space for a workshop and the camper conversion will have to be put on hold so we are struggling to see the positives in a move at the moment. However, I can’t help feeling that this is just another one of those big changes, that needs to happen in order for us to move onto the next chapter, and am a little curious to see what’s at the end of this rocky road. That said, this is an incredibly difficult time for Mr Bee,as he prepares to pack his tools away and put them into storage.


Good things do often come to an end, and though it is tempting to allow an air of melancholy to pervade our fabulous home, it would be more fitting to get what we need to get done then organise one last party before we part company forever. And I am sure we find somewhere that will give us just as many wonderful memories as this place has, we just need to get out there and look. These pics are from one of my birthday celebrations, and as I reach the end of my 47th year unscathed I feel lucky to be celebrating another one this week.


When life turns sour it is hard to see the sweetness in what remains. I am truly sad to be leaving this house, despite the cracks in the tiles and peeling paper in the hall, but when I had that flash of realisation before Christmas that it was the end of my Honey Bee business I knew there were more changes ahead.

Here’s to the next chapter. 

Until next week

Stay sweet

The Bee


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