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By on Mar 4, 2018 in news | 1 comment

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I took a welcome break this weekend. Something that was planned a while ago as a way of commemorating a place special to me and a dear friend, and of course to celebrate my birthday!


It was great to head out of Notts for a couple of days and immerse myself in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I love the shops, the eateries and the late bars but most of all I really get a buzz from retreading the steps of my youth and prompting memories from a distant past.


Nostalgia, there is is again. Manchester has changed so much since I left in the latter part of the nineties but the energy is just the same. And some of the old institutions like Night and Day Cafe are still serving up a menu of great food,a wide selection of drinks and operating as a venue for local bands. The whole of Oldham Street is now a haven for vintage shoppers, so I had no trouble at all spending my birthday money on a few special pieces to bring back in my oversized wheelie case.


Although I am really looking forward to selling some of my vintage collection at the Sunshine Vintage Bazaar in a couple of weeks, I will not be parting with everything.  I think we are now ready for a new start and downsizing our collection of vinyl, seventies crockery and vintage clothing is definitely going to help things along, it is so much part of who we are that we will never get rid of it all.

It will feel strange taking part in this vibrant fair without a stall full of my makes but I am sure it will be just as enjoyable. There is always such a great vintage vibe, and it’ still my favourite way of recycling!

So until next week

Stay sweet

The Bee


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