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A much quieter week, although a seven day week last week meant I have been in need of some down time. I have also been itching to pick up the origami bombing project planned for this spring and if you have been into Beeston this week you will have seen that I have succeeded.


Rudyard’s Tea House now had butterflies accompanying their cranes, fluttering all around their windows and walls. A few of the Bee Creative craft group have got the origami bug and came along to help me on Tuesday, look out for more kaleidoscopes of butterflies appearing in other places and in your news feed if you follow the page. I am aiming for at least half a dozen venues to be displaying the ‘Beeston Butterfly’ this summer.


Perhaps inspired by another large scale art project, the Beeston Street Art Festival, I was keen to start the ball rolling this week and had lots of willing volunteers at Monday night’s craft session. Let’s hope I can keep up the momentum! 


After work on Saturday morning I sped into Beeston on my bike eager to see the works in progress. More than a little intrigued to find out how Beeston was reacting to a gathering of graffiti artists decorating their town. Driven forward by Jeannie O’Shea and backed by Beeston  and District Civic Society this two day festival started on National Civic Day and was designed to put life back into the neglected parts of Beeston. I think we can safely say it has done that!


I got down to the White Lion a while after the first spray can lid had been popped off and the colours were in full flow. There were many different styles emerging and an excited buzz around the artists as people passing by stopped to watched them displaying their skills. I remember reading an article back in the 80s calling graffiti ‘a crime’ and delighting in how far we have come since those days. More commonly known as street art, it’s hard not to see beauty in these images.


It was enjoyable watching them work. Clearly experienced at working in unpredictable weather conditions, the spots of rain did not deter them from completing their pieces. The sense of community working together was also prevalent, especially in narrow alleyways where many of them were spray painting at the same time.


I didn’t get chance to see all of the artwork completed so will be popping back with my camera sometime this week. I am sure I will catch sight of a few new pieces too as there was plenty of activity on the streets today. But I am pretty smitten with this particular one already…



Apart from the image, which I LOVE, the roses in the flowerbed confirm for me that street art can often be used to enhance the natural world if it is done well. I mean, how can artwork that stunning ever be called vandalism?

Large scale pieces like this will certainly have a dramatic effect on our towns landscape. It will be interesting to see what the community make of them, and it will be amazing if visitors to our town are awakened to the fact that Beeston is a hive of creativity!

Until next week

Stay beautiful

The Bee


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